Surgery Update…

I just spoke with Everett’s surgeon, he feels that everything went well and he considers the surgery to be a success. Everett will need to be on a ventilator overnight, but mostly as a precaution and because they will need to get an MRI in the morning and they don’t want to have to re-intubate him for that. Hopefully, I will get to see him in about an hour or so. I can’t wait to kiss my sweet, brave little boy’s face and tell him how much his mommy and daddy love him.

Thank you all for all the prayers, thoughts and healing light you sent our way today. We most certainly felt them all day long.

The next 24 hours are critical and they will be monitoring him very closely. Please continue to pray as we enter the recovery period that he will be comfortable, that he will heal quickly with no infection or hydrocephalus, and that his brain will start to begin to rewire itself quickly and efficiently.


789772…that’s our boy.

7 thoughts on “Surgery Update…

  1. All praise to our Heavenly Father and the incredible medical team. Now we shift our prayer for his complete healing.

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