Surprise! Post-Op Day 6

Happy Easter everyone! I know this is such a different type of Easter Sunday for so many people, but I hope you were able to enjoy the day, perhaps with your families and church in your finest Easter jammies, and took a moment to remember why we celebrate today. “For He is not here, He has Risen!”

Today was a very mellow Easter here in the PICU. But, despite it being a low key day we had some pretty big things happen!

The neurosurgical resident came by early this morning and said that they felt good about where his ICP’s has been overnight and that they would most likely be taking his surgical drain out today sometime! They would also be taking his dressing off so he wouldn’t look like a baby q-tip anymore! Around noon the resident came back and removed the dressing and drain, and SURPRISE…Everett has no hair! 😳 Now keep in mind that before his surgery, the surgeon had asked me whether I wanted them to just shave where the incision was going to be or if I was ok with them shaving his whole head. I just told him to do what he felt was best but I never did hear WHAT he had decided to do. So unwrapping Everett’s head today was like unwrapping a present when you have absolutely no clue what is inside!

One last view of the head wrap, and check out that awesome stink eye!!!
Bidding our UCLA fire hydrant friend farewell.
(Don’t worry, we’re keeping him as a souvenir!)
Ummmm excuse me sir…you have no hair!!! 😳😳😳
That’s one heck of a scar you’re gonna have there kiddo!

Not long after, a sweet lady from child life came by with bunny ears and a bunny nose drawn onto her mask to pass out some sweet gifts to the kiddos spending Easter in the hospital. Our nurse told us that usually the actual Easter Bunny comes to visit the kids, but this year Mr. Bunny is following the “safer-at-home” order. 🤣 Each kiddo in the PICU got a sweet little present all wrapped up and decorated like a bunny. It really is so sweet of them to bring a little joy into these kids lives who are having to spend time in the hospital instead of at home with their families.

Everett’s Easter gift from Mattel Children’s Hospital

The absolute highlight of my day was this moment right here.

Don’t mind the weird dry skin hanging off his little lip 😂, but isn’t this just the best thing you’ve seen all week!?!?

For the first time in 5 1/2 days, they had removed enough tubes, drains and wires that I finally got to hold my sweet, brave baby. Trust me when i tell you that it was the BEST MOMENT EVER. I just loved on him and kissed his sweet bald head and told him how proud his daddy and I are of him for being so strong and brave all week long. Those few moments of holding him were better than all the Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs in the world (and I do love Reese’s eggs! 🤣🤣)

Tomorrow should be another big day for mister man. The goal is that, as long as his vitals stay appropriate overnight, he should be transferred out of the PICU and onto the regular pediatric floor sometime tomorrow! Although I’m excited for this because it is one baby step closer to going home, I’m definitely going to miss all the nurses and providers here in the PICU. They have all been so kind to both Everett and myself and I am so very grateful for the top notch care they have provided my boy. We are also hoping that tomorrow he will be alert enough to participate a bit more in PT, OT, and will be able to pass his swallow evaluation so he can start to eat some real food again! I keep promising him all the fruit and chicken nuggets he wants if he cooperates, hopefully I’ve made him an enticing enough offer this time around!

I hope you all took a few minutes today to read my earlier post about the past year in Everett’s life, this little boy has been through so much this year and is still fighting so hard…I wish I had half the fight and bravery in me as my little boy does. 💜

Happy Easter friends, we love you all!


Chillin with his “stuffies”

7 thoughts on “Surprise! Post-Op Day 6

  1. Loving the pictures—witnessing encouraging steps of Everett’s recovery—seeing the love in a Mama’s eyes while holding her baby. Tomorrow begins a new week with new moments of encouraging recovery. Love you all and continuing to pray for healing touches from our Heavenly Father

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  2. I cant believe the strength our Father gives us to go through these traumatic times. You and Brandon are so amazing and blessed even in the midst of such sorrow and pain. Yay though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil. They rod and Thy staff, they comfort me. Psalms 23:4

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  3. So encouraging to see your baby in your arms. This is huge to me, not a baby step. I’m sure being held in his mother’s arms brings a whole different level of healing.

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